Total INKstruction Tattoo & Piercing - Clean & Sterile Shop, 100% Disposable
#1 You must provide a picture I.D for every tattoo & piercing.
#2 You must make sure to have eaten and drank before getting a tattoo or piercing done. 
#3 We require you to not be under the influence of drugs or alcohol or we will ask you to leave.
#4 If you are under 18 you must have your legal parent with you and minor I.D and birth certificate will be needed.
#5 Children must be supervised by another adult if parent is getting a tattoo or piercing done.
#6 Bring in reference of the tattoo you are looking at getting mainly because we are a 100% custom tattoo shop. We do not have flash books in our shop. Know the size and colors you want.  This way the artist can get you a rough price.
#7 A $20-$100 deposit will be needed to book a tattoo apt.  The $20-100 deposit goes towards the tattoo when finished.  If you don't show up to the apt then we keep the $20-100.  

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