Total INKstruction Tattoo & Piercing - Clean & Sterile Shop, 100% Disposable

Dianna Haney has owned total ink since 2009.
Dianna has been Piercing for 13 years. She does all piercings including below the belt for woman. (No male genital piercings done at this shop sorry!!)
I always wanted to open a shop where people feel 100% comfortable coming in.  We do tattoos and piercings only.  We do have jewelry for sale also.
Our shop is a custom shop which means we do not use any flash or have any flash on display.  We like you to do your homework and bring in ideas that we can go off of. If you have any questions please feel free to email us at [email protected]
(970) 520-0275 Instagram for   Dianna's : imapiercer

Business hours are Tuesday-Saturday!!  11AM-7PM always call ahead to make sure your artist will be in.  Piercing hours tues-fri 11-5 & Sat 11-7pm 

Thank you!!

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